Haunting in the best possible way

As I was riding away from campus on my bicycle a little bit ago, I passed a guy in a motorized wheel chair with crutches on the back of it. They were the type of crutches that shout permanent disability, but it was his gaze that caught my attention. He was tracking my passing with an intention that I don’t often see from people, especially someone who is most likely bound to his wheel chair for good. It was not a look of jealousy or depression, but one of joy that honestly caught me off guard. The look in his eyes was as if he was excited to see someone on a bicycle enjoying something he can no longer do. As I continued down the road I couldn’t get that look out of my mind. It was haunting in the best way possible. It struck me quite profoundly that someone unable to ride a bike could enjoy watching a complete stranger ride by doing what he most likely will never do the rest of his life. I suddenly felt extremely lucky and blessed to be able to simply ride a bicycle. It was an unexpected reminder to enjoy the simple things in life, but at the same time learn to enjoy watching others do what you may never have the ability to do with out jealousy or frustration.

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